HC 40 ft

length total: 12.192 mm
width total: 2.438 mm
height total: 2.896 mm
weight: 11.500 kg

DC 40 ft

length total: 12.192 mm
width total: 2.438 mm
height total: 2.591 mm
weight: 10.500 kg

DC 20 ft

length total: 6.058 mm
width total: 2.438 mm
height total: 2.591 mm
weight: 6.000 kg


2x25.000Lt benzine/diesel in ISO execution with heavy container frameworks and 8 pieces of ISO corners double-walled, robust, cubic bodymade from steel S-235 JRG 2, vacuum controlled for the storage of Diesel.
2-chamber version
standard size: ISO HC 40 ft / 20 ft.
Thickness: inside 6 mm outside 4 mm
Frame : 150x150x6mm


Catch hood
2 x man hole DN 600
4 x flange connection(2x suction line, 2x reserve)
2 x ventilation 2" with vent cap (DIESEL)
Anchor bolts and nuts
Dispensing niche at the both of length side:dimensions:width: 2.000 mmdepth: 1.000 mmheight: 2.000 mm
1 x filling system for tank cars DN 50 with road tanker connection VK 50 and non-return valve, ball valve
2 x Level switch (to stop filling pump when reaching max level) according to EN 13616 with display of maximum filling pressure at the filling point
2 x suction pipe 1 1/2“ with non-return valve andball valve
2 x return pipe- empty pipes for cables- electric cables
Lamp, switch, emergency stop (in EX)
Pedestal for dispensing units
Non-slip coating at the bottom of the niche
Fire extinguisher
Door in front of dispensing niche:height 2.000 mm x width 2.000 mmdouble or single winged
Piping System according to EN 14125
Electric board sectioned with the norm NFC 15100 or equivalent
Leak detection according to EN 13160 with alarm control lamp, switch, emergency switch cable bushing in the bottom, withfitting panel
Emergency stop next to the filling point and dispenser
Earthing of all metallic equipment with earth connection of less than 10 ohms and electrical continuity of less than 1 ohm

Corrosion protection

outside: KTS-coating-system, the colour must have RAL code.

Preparation for Sea Transport

Waxing and greasing of sensitive components. Marking of the tank with the container no, sides& roof
Sunshild for 40 ft.
As additional cover of the roof area to preventintensive solar radiation conducted as metalconstruction
Corrosion Protection System KTS 4Seawater Resistantaccording to KTS-coating system
Acceptance by the pertinent Authorityworld wide easy and low-cost transport by shipdue to ISO-container-measurementsRegistration of the owner-no.
(BIC-Code) andlabeling on the container, 6 decals.

Tank Gauge

Digital Tank Level Gauge can follow the tank level on electrical board.
LCU-2 Tank Level System. Rochester Transmitter or Magnetostrictive probe

Fuel Transfer

Transfer Pump EX/ATEX 500 l/min 400 V/AC in EX-Proof - three-phase
Measurement Sets (Option)


Generator Set - 10.5 KVA with 100lt daytank
Full cladding with 3D logos (no need for price pylon)
Tank and Pump Automation with rack cabinet and new laptop
Air Conditioner (A/C)