3 Series Lpg Dispenser

Stand-alone design (fully self-contained electronics)
Single/Dual hose configurations
Various cabinet styles in stainless steel or powder-coated steel
Electronic computer register with Backlit Displays
Integrated Money and Volume electronic totalizers
Interface availability with most POS and card reader systems
International currency options available
Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
Electronic Calibration
ATM-type stainless steel keypad
Positive Displacement Piston Meter

Lpg By-Pass Valve

The Yenen by-pass valve is a dual purpose automatic priming and external differential by-pass valve, especially designed to be used with low-flow, high-differential pressure pumps on volatile liquid service, such as LPG and NH3.
The unique vapor elimination system of this by-pass valve keeps liquefied gas pumps primed, increasing the pumping efficiency, reducing wear in the pump and its mechanical seal and increasing the overall service life of the pump.

Transpet LPG Stage Pump

Capacity max. 5 m3 / h
Flanged connections DN32, DN65
0-35 up to the bar differential pressure (Opacification 1)
High pressure to low flow
It does not lose its transfer feature of evaporation up to 40%
It is self-priming
Operating pressure max. 40 bar
Operating temperature max. 100 ° C
Transpet stage pumps gas liquids showing the characteristic of being capable of transferring the self-priming centrifugal pumps with the required efficiency.

LPG pump - Corken F150

The Corken Autogas pump (F150) is a suction pump designed for above and underground applications. The pump used with 1-nozzle and 2-nozzle dispencers.
Mounting options: The models con be directly mounted with C-face electric motors as shown in the photo. The foot-mounted version is mounted om a base plate and can be direct driven through a coupling to a 2880 / 3600 rpm motor or through a V-belt drive.
The Autogas pumps are designed to be extremely quiet and free of vibration and pulsation. The one moving part, the impeller, floats on the shaft without contacting adcacent surfaces, thus extending pump life. These factors contribute to trouble free service and long life exhibited by the autogas pump.

Rochester Magnetic Liquid-Level Gauges

Gauges which accept snap-on junior dials have 1-3/8" wrenching flats. Gauges which accept screw on junior dials have 2" wrenching flats.
All dials used on these gauges indicate with limited arc due to size constraints imposed on gauge components which must pass through a 3/4" NPT opening.
Models intended for RV use have the choice of direct-reading or TwinSite version. Specify model 7341 for vertical RV cylinders and model 7344 for horizontal. All RV gauges are custom built, so relevant information will be solicited at the time of your order.