2 Series

length total: 85 cm
width total: 49 cm
height total: 160 cm

3 Series

length total: 85 cm
width total: 49 cm
height total: 230 cm

7 Series

length total: 110 cm
width total: 59 cm
height total: 230 cm


Flow Rate max-min (lpm) : 5 – 50 lpm
Operating Environment : -30 / +60 °C
Temp. Measurement Range : :- 25 / +55ºC
Relative Humidity : 95 %
Electronic Unit Safety : 220V, 50Hz 100 W

Flow Meter

Tricor Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
4 piston positive displacement flow meter with sensitive adjustment capability (Alternative)

Flow Control Valve

Monoblock two way Ex selenoid valve


We use 12 digits electronics totalizers for liter,money,shift-money and shift-liter, in addition to these, we use also 7 digits electromechanic totalizers according to your requests.

Electronic Unit

Compatibility with the CANBUS technology
2 noozles working at the same time
Ethernet and USB port support
Programmable electronic card
RS485 or Current-loop communication option
Compability with all the cash register
Compatibility with Savel multimedia module
Automatic electronic calibration
Compability with all the automation systems
1-wire and 2-wire special communication system
Card design according to the EMC tests
Menu systems in 4 different languages (Tr, En, Fr, Ar)
10 digits for electronic total


Solid keypad with 16 buttons made of stainless steel (ATM type)
Keypad with 16 buttons


1" (25.4 mm) 6 digits for money, 6 digits for liter, 6 digits for unit price. Option one is a single screen.

Noozle and Hose

TS 9219 EN 1762 certified 5 / 8 "LPG hose 13' LPG hose (Lowstyle) or 15' LPG hose (Highstyle) with Safety Breakaways