7 series

3d designed columns
Full multimedia support (Internet, Selling on the monitor, TV, Videos etc.)
Keypad unit is made of stainless steel
Spotlighting support
The option a payable self service with credit card
RFID card interface unit
Electronic unit is designed with latest technology
Fully compatible with automation, cash registers and any multimedia (PC or Satellite) systems


CANBUS technology
Ethernet and USB port support
RS485 or Current-loop communication option
10 digits for electronic total
Automatic electronic calibration
According to Savel multimedia module
Compability with all the automation systems
EMC Test Compatibility

Multimedia Display

Windows-based operating system
21" LCD Monitor follow-up on the sales
A new look,for old pumps
Programmable public ation feature
Advertising and clip broadcast.
A statistical monitor publication with detailed reporting system

Coriolis Mass meter

The Tricor Mass Flow Meters, based on the Coriolis principle, show many advantages compared to other flow meter principles:
No moving parts
High accuracy
Simultaneous measuring of mass flow, density and temperature
Calculation of volume flow as well as mass and volume total

General Specifications

General Features
Flow Rate max-min (lpm) : 5 – 50 lpm
Operating Environment : -30 / +60 °C
Temp. Measurement Range : :- 25 / +55ºC
Relative Humidity : 95 %
Electronic Unit Safety : 220V, 50Hz 100 W
Flow Meter
Tricor Coriolis Mass Flowmeter or 4 piston positive displacement flow meter with sensitive adjustment capability
Flow Control Valve
Monoblock two way Ex selenoid valve
We use 12 digits electronics totalizers for liter,money,shift-money and shift-liter, in addition to these, we use also 7 digits electromechanic totalizers according to your requests.
Solid keypad with 16 buttons made of stainless steel (ATM type) Pre-Set Fill Keypads
1" (25.4 mm) 6 digits for money, 6 digits for liter, 6 digits for unit price. Option one is a single screen.
Noozle and Hose
TS 9219 EN 1762 certified 5 / 8 "LPG hose 13' LPG hose (Lowstyle) or 15' LPG hose (Highstyle) with Safety Breakaways


The flow meter is the most vital part in an LPG dispensing unit. The yenen meter is designed to meet the challenging needs and the demanding requirements of autogas dispenser manufacturers.
Yenen meters have been designed and are manufactured in Yenen's ISO 9001 certified facility. The meter are approved according to OIML R117 and CE marked.


The normally closed LPG valves are especially designed to meet the particular heavy duty requirements of LPG applications
Single flow execution for self service systems
Explosion proof operator, intended for use in potentially explosive areas, according to Directive ATEX 94/9/EC
Easy electrical installation by means of the moulded-in supply cable, standard length of 2 meter
ASCO Numatics components satisfy all relevant EC directives
Differential pressure 0 - 25 bar [1 bar = 100kPa]
Ambient temperature range -20 to +65°C (FPM execution) -40 to +65°C (PTFE execution)


The incremental shaft encoder type 01-08 has been designed for heavy duty application, especially for use in environments where potentially explosive atmospheres can be expected. This makes the 01-08 encoder especially suitable for use in petrol, LPG and diesel dispensing systems. The rugged and compact construction is also an advantage in other applications such as machine control and monitoring.
The shaft encoder has been tested and granted ATEX and EMC approval. The ATEX approval is EEX d IIB T6 according to CENELEC EN 50014 and EN 50018.

Innovation LPG Dispenser

Stand-alone design (fully self-contained electronics)
Single/Dual hose configurations
Various cabinet styles in stainless steel or powder-coated steel
Electronic computer register with Backlit Displays
Integrated Money and Volume electronic totalizers
Interface availability with most POS and card reader systems
International currency options available
Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
Electronic Calibration
ATM-type stainless steel keypad
Mass Flow Meter or Positive Displacement Piston Meter

7 Series Models & Prices


Dispenser Type
Piston Meter
1 Product 1 Nozzle
Price: 5200 USD


Dispenser Type
Piston Meter
1 Product 2 Nozzles
Price: 6200 USD


Dispenser Type
Piston Meter
1 Products 4 Nozzles
Price: 7500 USD


Dispenser Type
Coriolis Mass Meter
1 Product 1 Nozzle
Price: 6200 USD


Dispenser Type
Coriolis Mass Meter
1 Product 2 Nozzles
Price: 8200 USD


Dispenser Type
Coriolis Mass Meter
1 Products 4 Nozzles
Price: 11500 USD