5 Noozles Pump Electronics
According to the CANBUS technology
2 noozles working at the same time
Ethernet and USB port support
Programmable electronic card
RS485 or Current-loop communication option
10 digits for electronic total
Menu system according to 4 different language (Tr,Eng,Fr,Ar)
Automatic electronic calibration
Compability with all the cash register
According to Savel multimedia module
Compability with all the automation systems
1-wire and 2-wire special communication system
Card design according to the EMC tests


Accurate, consistent, innovative design with fewer moving parts and enhanced compatibility with blended fuels means improved efficiency and longer service life. With integrated e-calibration, non corrosive double lipped piston meter ensures higher accuracy even at slow speed. Security of meter output has also been a significant beneficiary of the improved design – via restricted access to mechanical elements and online encryption of post metering data transfer.


Internal gear type, positive displacement with centrifugal air separation and elimination can be configured to a capacity throughput of 90 Litres Per Minute (LPM). Equipped with efficient filters that protect the high precision internal components of the assembly and are easy to clean during routine maintenance to ensure the unit is functioning optimally. With the new and improved design, not only have we reduced the number of individual parts in the assembly, but we have also taken great care to ensure that the energy load on the associated drive motor is minimised inturn reducing the strain on the system and lowering users energy bills.


Type V80S – V90S Three-phase standard motor
Main features:
 Three-phase motor equipped with terminal board.
One cable entry.
Complete with cable gland (indicate diameter of used cable).
 Cable (indicate cable length).


Solenoid valve 2/2 way NC. Single and Double stage, G 3/4", G1"
Costruction: seat valve with piston sealing, and by-pass valve
Orifice size: 20 m.m.
Seal: Piston + Socket guide in POM + TF FKM - GF joint.
Fluids: Fuel, ethanol and biodiesel carburants.
Viscosity: 26ºE, 200 cst.
Funtion: normally closed
Ambient Temp.: - 40ºC + 50ºC
Diferential Pressure: min 0,4 bar max 4 bar
Valve housing: Aluminium casting
Tension: 230v AC, 24v AC and 24v DC
Tolerance: -10 + 10 % VDE 0580
Protection: EExm II T4
Aproval: LOM 03 ATEX 2003X
Weight: 1.250 gr.


The incremental shaft encoder type 01-08 has been designed for heavy duty application, especially for use in environments where potentially explosive atmospheres can be expected. This makes the 01-08 encoder especially suitable for use in petrol, LPG and diesel dispensing systems. The rugged and compact construction is also an advantage in other applications such as machine control and monitoring.
The shaft encoder has been tested and granted ATEX and EMC approval. The ATEX approval is EEX d IIB T6 according to CENELEC EN 50014 and EN 50018 (updated approvals pending). The encoder is W&M approved in most countries.


Windows-based operating system
17" LCD Monitor follow-up on the sales
A new look,for old pumps
Programmable public ation feature
Advertising and clip broadcast.
A statistical monitor publication with detailed reporting system